Corned Beef King Reigns Supreme

11 Oct

We have already talked about several food trucks that primarily travel around Montgomery County, so I was lucky enough to try the newest entrant to the field, Corned Beef King. After being in business less than a week, they decided to make their debut in downtown Bethesda a few days ago. We caught up with them right at Woodmont Triangle, a perfect location for the lunch crowd.

Corned Beef King

Their focus is on slow-roasted corned beef and pastrami, and they also serve specialty sandwiches such as the classic Reuben, a vegetarian Reuben, the Manhattan, and the Milly Ann. If sandwiches with one-third of a pound of meat aren’t enough to satisfy your hunger come lunch time, combos are also available that include sides such as potato salad, knish, coleslaw, or chips.

Of course, you got to have a Dr. Brown’s to complete your meal, and I happily ordered a corned beef on rye sandwich with a diet Dr. Brown’s cream soda. I’m generally not a huge corned beef person, but I figured I had to order the company’s namesake. And let me just say, it lived up to it.

Corned Beef on Rye

The corned beef was warm, juicy, and piled high on thick rye bread. It was such a big sandwich that I could only eat half, saving the other half for Brett. He enthusiastically seconded my thoughts on the sandwich, noting the generous amount of meat stacked in between the soft rye bread.

My friend Carlye ordered a hot pastrami sandwich, and after trying one bite I have to say, I think the pastrami might be even better than the corned beef. They were both excellent sandwiches, but the pastrami had a bit more flavor and zest to it.

Corned Beef King

Needless to say, we are thrilled that there is a new food truck in town, and a quality one to boot. I can’t wait until it comes around again so I can try something else next time. The only downside is that I was in a bit of a food coma after lunch, but then again, it was definitely worth it!

You can find out where Corned Beef King is parking its truck by following them at @cornedbeefking or by becoming a fan on their Facebook page.

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