Maki Maki: Quality Sushi, Affordable Prices

19 Jan

Whenever Rachel and I are in the mood for ordering sushi, Maki Maki is generally our go-to option.

Located at the corner of Wisconsin and Highland Avenue in Bethesda, Maki Maki isn’t nearly the size of fellow sushi competitor Tako Grill, located just a few blocks down the street, nor does it carry the popularity of Raku, or even the conveyor-belt gimmickry of Matuba. And yet, despite all these perceived disadvantages, it stands up in its own right.

Sashimi Appetizer

Maki Maki is simply a straightforward sushi restaurant that probably does more business with carryout and delivery versus dining in. But it is the quality and the prices that really make it stand out amongst its Bethesda competitors.

Their standard rolls start out at a very reasonable $3.95, while adding brown rice will cost you just a dollar more. Specialty rolls, such as the Dragon Roll, usually start at $6.95 and up.

Rainbow Roll

But compared to a place like Tako Grill, where the rolls are generally smaller while the prices are higher, Maki Maki is a fantastic value. Granted the former is more authentic than the latter, but if you’re just looking for good sushi at a decent price, Maki Maki would be the default choice.

Rachel and I ordered four rolls: California, Shrimp Tempura, Tuna, and, lastly, the Rainbow Roll. We also split a sashimi appetizer and miso soup. The total came out to $35, and it obviously would have been less had we subbed the Rainbow for one of their more basic rolls, but we’ll call that our splurge for the evening.

California, Tuna, and Shrimp Tempura Rolls

The portions were rather generous as the rolls were stuffed with their respective ingredients. Meanwhile, the sashimi featured several large cuts of fresh fish, and for $6.95, it was quite the bargain.

Maki Maki is located on 8023 Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Bethesda.

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