Recap: Best of Washington

19 Jul

Rachel and I made the swift decision of attending last week’s Best of Washington party after our names found their way to the top of the waitlist the morning before the event.

Tuna Crudo - BLT Steak

This was our third consecutive year attending, and it might have been the best yet given the quality of restaurants as well as the food they were serving.

Beef Tartare - Citronellle

Earlier Best Of parties featured unexciting vendors such as California Tortilla while more expensive eateries were offering cheap plates. For example, there were several instances of restaurants serving up watermelon and feta – who wants that?

Rappahanock River Oysters

When you’re paying $100 per ticket, you obviously want to get your money’s worth.

Basil-cucumber CollinsEggs with pickled red peppers - Estadio and BLT SliderLettuce cups - Jackie’s Restaurant

The 2011 edition felt like a vast improvement from past years. All of the major players were in the house. From Estadio to The Source to Rasika, this was a great year to be in attendance.

Macarons - Adour

Our favorite dishes of the night? We would have to go with Cintronelle’s wonderful tomato tartare. I don’t think we can ever go back to bruschetta again.

Bison Tartare - LevelGeorgetown CupcakeIce cream push-pops - Oval Room

As for dessert, Bibiana’s Bomba al Cioccolato (milk-chocolate mousse with gianduja custard and hazelnut powder) was the unanimous favorite. Absolutely decadent, the name of the dish says it all.

Scallop Crudo - Perry's

Overall, we had a great time and got to try some plates from restaurants we haven’t been to yet. After last Monday, Bibiana might be on the top of our list.

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