LivingSocial Lunch at Equinox

22 Apr

When LivingSocial launched its Instant Deals program by offering dollar lunches at many of the city’s restaurants last Friday, it caused quite the stir in the District. While there were a plethora of options to choose from, perhaps none were more worthwhile than Equinox and its participation in the promotion.

Todd Gray’s restaurant was not only the best venue LivingSocial offered, but given that it cost just one dollar for $20 worth of food, it was arguably the biggest steal of the day.

Hawaiian escolar filet with spring vegetable ratatouille

Rachel and I decided to meet for lunch after booking a reservation on OpenTable, as this was too big of a deal to pass up. Apologies to the turkey sandwich I made the night before.

Rachel arrived right on time, as the Metro gods smiled on her that day. Brett, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. When she got there, a representative from LivingSocial checked her in as she sat down and perused the menu.

Once we were ready to order, we realized that the offer was only valid for one per table, but it was still a fantastic deal for an impromptu Friday lunch. Since both of us work at places that allow you to wear jeans on Friday, we were feeling a little underdressed at such a fancy establishment, but hopefully they didn’t mind too much.

Eggplant Frites

After much debate, Rachel ordered the Hawaiian escolar filet with spring vegetable ratatouille while I got the pork tenderloin with mustard greens and baked potato tots. We decided to splurge a little since we had such a great deal and also got a side of eggplant frites with a spicy rémoulade.

The frites were an excellent side as Rachel and I were pretty much in a contest on who could finish them first. With a light, flaky coating of panko breadcrumbs, the eggplant had a creamy texture that was both unexpected and delightful. Meanwhile the rémoulade was irresistibly good as we could not stop dipping our frites in it.

Pork tenderloin with mustard greens and baked potato tots

The tenderloin, cooked medium-rare, turned out to be a very generous portion given the mealtime as well as the fabulous deal we were participating in. The meat was tender albeit a tad dry, but overall I didn’t have any qualms with the dish. The homemade tots were a nice side in terms of a meat and potatoes entree as it proved to be lighter than heavier alternatives such as a puree or even fries.

Rachel’s escolar literally melted in her mouth, and the buttery fish was an ideal complement to the ratatouille. If Hawaii is known for their escolar, she will definitely be on the look out for it when we visit there in September.

We have always wanted to visit Equinox, and are so glad we were able to take advantage of this great offer. We will definitely be back again. In fact, Rachel will be checking out Todd Gray’s new Watershed restaurant this weekend!

Stay tuned for a report…

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