A Sneak Peak at Uptown Deli

17 Sep

The Washington metropolitan area has anxiously awaited a true, New York-style jewish delicatessen.

Let’s face it: it’s hard to find a place in the District that offers pastrami coming through the rye (yes, that was an Alan Sherman reference).

The only thing that comes close is Deli City in Northeast DC with its ridiculously good corned beef sandwich. But Deli City isn’t really a deli nor is that accessible nor has great hours.

There’s also Parkway Deli in Silver Spring. Any place that has a pickle bar gets our approval, but you still need a car to get there.

Enter Uptown Deli in Bethesda.

Owner Howard Wasserman was supposed to open his delicatessen back in July, but according to his Twitter account, Montgomery County has (not surprisingly) slowed down the process with their inspection processes.

Nonetheless, DMV Dining walked by the space formally occupied by La Miche and checked out the menu taped to the window.

Let’s just say this author started schvitzing in anticipation of their opening after reading what they will be offering…

Matzo ball soup? Check. Bagel and smoked whitefish platters? Yes, please.

Hot corned beef and pastrami sandwich on an onion roll with deli mustard aptly titled “The Jets ‘n The Mets?” Oh, you better believe it’s on.

Tongue sandwiches, Coney Island kinishes, and kosher hot dogs are featured as well, but it’s The Big Fresser that takes the cake (err, babka?) in proving you were Bar or Bat Mitzvahed.

For $19.99, one can engulf themselves with a sandwich with no less than four meats and three cheeses piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cole slaw, and Russian dressing. I’m sure your parents will kvell if you finish it.

Anyway, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when Uptown Deli finally opens.

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